Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing in South Jersey 

Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is crucial, especially for individuals living in areas like South Jersey, where seasonal changes can significantly impact indoor air quality. Your indoor air quality plays an important role in overall wellness.

That’s why A.M. Botte Mechanical provides comprehensive indoor air quality testing services in South Jersey, ensuring your home is a haven for you and your family. Using Indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, our technicians can measure the amount, type, and presence of pollutants in a building.

Residential IAQ Testing

With increasing respiratory issues and allergies, homeowners in and around South Jersey should invest in indoor air quality services. Poor air quality indoors implies the amount of contaminants in your home is high and can compromise the health of people in it.

The pollutants can affect your respiratory system, eyes, nose, and throat and cause conditions such as dizziness, fatigue, or headaches. It is crucial to have clean and healthy indoor air circulating in your house. Fortunately, through IAQ testing, you can identify the level and types of contaminants present in your indoor air.

Some home IAQ testing devices, monitors, sensors, detectors, and testing kits you can use include:

  • Particulate Matter Sensor, VOC Sensor, and Carbon Dioxide Sensors
  • AWAIR to measure temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity in the air.
  • Purple Air to monitor particulate matter in indoor and outdoor air.
  • Footbot for measuring temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, and VOCs.
  • Netatmo Healthy Home Coach detects humidity, noise levels, carbon dioxide, and temperature.

The above devices detect contaminants that lead to short-term and long-term health effects such as heart and respiratory diseases, sneezing, coughing, and worsen pre-existing conditions, including asthma. They monitor numerous pollutants, including:

  • Asbestos
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Radon and Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Volatile organic compounds

IAQ Solutions

Luckily, there are solutions to poor indoor air quality issues. After identifying the present contaminants through indoor air quality testing services, there are strategies for removing them for improved air quality.

Some of the solutions to poor air quality in residential properties include:

  • Source Control

Eliminating the identified sources is the best way to reduce contaminants in your residential property. Poor indoor air quality sources include pets, burning wood, charcoal, mold spores, tobacco products, and volatile organic compounds.

Our indoor air specialists can recommend removing the sources of contaminants to make the indoor air quality clean and healthy, especially for people with underlying respiratory health issues.

Air filtration systems in HVAC units are a major cause of poor indoor air quality. They filter out dirt to ensure only clean air enters your space.

However, if not well-maintained through cleaning or regular replacement, the air filter becomes a health hazard as it poorly filters out dirt. The inefficient air filter allows allergens and contaminants to circulate in your home, causing allergic reactions and other health issues.

To restore comfort and health in your home, indoor air quality specialists can replace dirty air filters to ensure they efficiently filter out all pollutants. A clean air filter will substantially improve the indoor air quality in your house for enhanced productivity and prevention of airborne diseases.

  • Use of Air Cleaners and Purifiers

After removing the sources of poor indoor air quality and cleaning the air filters, it’s best to add an air purifier or cleaner to enhance the circulation of clean and healthy air. Our HVAC experts can help you select the best and most effective air cleaning and purifying systems to remove air pollutants.

The ductwork is a circulatory system of the HVAC units that supply clean air and remove contaminated air. When the ducts are dirty, they can compromise indoor air quality, hence the need to clean them regularly. Over time the ductwork might get cracks or pinholes, allowing conditioned air to move out of the system and dirt from outside to enter, polluting your home’s clean air.

In such cases, HVAC specialists can seal pinholes and cracks to stop air leaks. If the damage in the air ducts is beyond repairs due to neglecting maintenance, our indoor air quality testing experts can recommend replacing the entire ductwork. The ductwork repairs help restore your home’s comfort, productivity, and health.

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Indoor air quality testing ensures a healthy living environment in South Jersey. With the professional services provided by A.M. Botte Mechanical, homeowners don’t have to worry about their indoor air.

We proudly serve multiple counties across South Jersey, ensuring homeowners in Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Salem, Cumberland, and Atlantic County access top-notch indoor air quality testing services.

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