3 Benefits of Installing a Ductless HVAC System

If you are living in an older home, it’s possible that your house has not been outfitted with air ducts and a working cooling system. Many homeowners believe that this leaves them with two options: spend thousands of dollars installing ductwork or stay sweating in a home cooled by electronic air conditioners and fans.


However, there is another option that’s more affordable, and can leave you with a cooler home this summer: a ductless cooling system. It can be installed in most homes at a fraction of the price of new ductwork.


Considering investing in a ductless cooling system for summer? Three of our favorite benefits include the following:


  • Time saved. Installing a forced-air system can take time, and will leave HVAC workers coming in and out of your home for weeks. When you ask your HVAC service in Moorestown to install a ductless system instead, you can have your system installed in as little as a single day.


  • Money saved. Choosing a ductless cooling system saves homeowners money on a number of levels. First, the installation of a ductless cooling system is much less invasive and less of a time commitment than gutting a home to create a custom duct system. Additionally, ductless cooling systems use less electricity than a forced air system, which will save you money on your bills in the long term.


  • More control over the temperature of your home. A ductless cooling system can direct air to specific zones of your home. This is the opposite of a traditional cooling system, in which your whole home is kept at a constant temperature. Ductless systems give you and your family more control over the comfort of your home.


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