Water Heater Services

Water Heater Services in South Jersey

From a tankless water heater in your home to multiple tank-based water heaters in an apartment complex, we’re ready to provide the water heater services you need. At A.M. Botte our plumbers take care of maintenance, inspection, repair, and water heater replacement at your property in South Jersey.

We can provide tankless water heater installation and upgrades to higher flow rate units, or conversion from tank-based water heaters. Our water heater company plumbers carefully inspect tank-based units and replace anode rods to get the longest service life without risking leaks from corroded tanks. For tankless water heaters which can often last for several decades, providing the care that they need with both maintenance and occasional water heater repair services can help you get the full service life.

Our water heater contractors are trained and experienced with the many energy-saving water heater systems available for homes with either gas or electric power. Whether you have a tank with standard heating or a hybrid unit that uses heat pump technology, we can respond right away to service it. Providing tankless hot water heater services is a specialty of ours, including the complex sensors and controls they use.

For skilled plumbing services on a routine or emergency basis, our A.M. Botte Mechanical team is ready to respond when you need us. Schedule a whole house drain cleaning service, or get that slow drain cleared thoroughly before it starts to back up.

We’ll take care of sinks and faucets, toilets, showers, and sewer line problems, providing prompt response, expert quotes for services needed, and the answers you need to take care of your home’s needs. We’re ready to serve you as your emergency plumber, with expert drain clog clearing, pipe repairs, and more!

Water Heater Repair

As anode rods in your water heater tank dissolve to protect your tank against corrosion, our expert plumbers can replace them with the appropriate type for your water quality. If your TPR protective valve has problems guarding against excessive pressure or temperature in your tank, we can replace it before leaks occur, or worse.

Our water heater services team is prepared to repair your legacy water heater or basic unit, and use the diagnostics and error codes available from many tank-based, hybrid, and tankless water heaters.

Gas and electric water heater repairs can restore your hot water, or correct problems like a short supply of hot water in your tank, or lukewarm water that just won’t do the job. Problems can be complex, such as failure of the thermostat or heating unit that services the bottom or top half of the tank.

Scale buildup, odors in your hot water, or discoloration are also common problems that we can address. It’s always a good idea to address problems with your hot water, because they can represent developing issues that will eventually command attention.

Water Heater Maintenance

Without regular water heater maintenance, your tank-based heater will corrode and fail faster, and put your home at risk of tank leaks or bursting. For tankless water heaters, regular cleaning ensures that airflow is adequate to protect against overheating. Most units will detect problems with filters that haven’t been cleaned and other maintenance problems, and shut down until these vital services are performed.

Over time, scale buildup in the unit can obstruct flow and cause heater problems. Proper maintenance can address these and other problems and clear out obstructions. Every water heater maintenance visit also includes a careful inspection and report by a qualified plumbing expert.

Water Heater Installation

Are you looking for a water heater replacement of a different type to reduce energy use or increase your hot water supply? Perhaps you need a tankless unit with an increased flow rate to provide water for simultaneous uses like laundry and showers? Our skilled water heater installers can provide the tank-based or tankless water heater installation you need, urgently if required.

We can also answer your questions about types of water heaters, features, and energy-saving technologies such as the hybrid water heater that recaptures heat to reduce energy use.

A.M. Botte Mechanical is South Jersey’s go-to for all water heater services. If you live in any of the counties below, contact us today for a free quote, or head to our website to book online.

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