Combi Boiler for Residential Home Heating & Hot Water

Combi Boiler for Residential Home Heating & Hot Water

A.M. Botte recently installed a combi boiler for residential home heating & domestic hot water in Haddon Heights at the home of Greg M. The existing boiler was old and due for replacement. We removed the old boiler & newer hot water heater that had a venting issue, and replaced them both with a high efficiency combi boiler.

Highlights of Combi Boiler for Residential Home Heating & Hot Water

• The new unit now provides both hot water for heating and hot water for domestic water supply, eliminating the need for two appliances and combining them into one unit
• The new unit is also the most efficient in it’s class, bringing the customer about 20-25% energy savings
• Customer took advantage of 0% for 120 months financing and rebates from local gas utility, available through A.M. Botte Mechanical
• Customer also now enjoys space savings in their basement and added convenience



“Just want to extend my deepest appreciation of a job well done by your team including you. I will tell my friends and family about your service and your company…”
– Greg M.

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