Full System Replacement In Sicklerville, NJ

Full System Replacement In Sicklerville, NJ

A.M. Botte was recently contacted by Mr. Tano to do a project involving a full system replacement in Sicklerville, NJ. Mr. Tano’s old system was giving him a ton of problems, the water heater wasn’t pumping out hot water properly, the A/C system barely worked in the spring & summer, and the furnace unit could no longer heat the house properly anymore. Mr. Tano after having to deal with problems year round decided to give us a call at A.M. Botte, we sent out a technician to take a look at Mr. Tano’s system and give him an estimate. Once everything was set an expert installation team was sent out to Mr. Tano’s home, Our installation team was able to get the full system replacement in Sicklerville, NJ done in an efficient correct way. After everything was completed Mr. Tano couldn’t express enough how much joy he felt now having functional A/C, Heating, & Water Heating systems in his home. 

Highlights of the Full System Replacement In Sicklerville, NJ

  • Removed the old water heater, air conditioning unit, and furnace unit.
  • The furnace, air conditioner, and water heater was original to the home and was aged and inefficient.
  • Homeowner took advantage of 0.0% APR for 84 months financing and $1,150 in rebates from South Jersey Gas, facilitated by A.M. Botte Mechanical
  • Installed new Patriot brand water heater, furnace, & air conditioning systems
  • New Patriot equipment has 10 year parts and labor, so customer now has complete peace of mind

“I was very impressed at the high standard of service that the company provided. From the sales manager Dustin P. and all the way down to the field tech John H., they all represented themselves professionally. They were very transparent when i ask questions and they were very knowledgeable to things that I never knew about when it came to the HVAC system. They were also transparent with cost associated so it made me feel at ease working with the company. The field tech John H. was very tedious and clean with his wiring work such as new copper lines and humidifier lines, he was knowledgeable and answered/explained to me how things work and he reassured me that everything will be done with how i want things to look. They were all also prompt and in time during the days of my HVAC installation and worked tirelessly throughout the day to make sure that my system was working at EOB. Job well done guys! Very impressed with their staff!”

Photos of job:

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