Gas Fired Package Installation In Pittsgrove, NJ

Gas Fired Package Installation In Pittsgrove, NJ

At A.M. Botte we offer bundled packages on heating and cooling systems, and a new client recently got a gas fired package installation in Pittsgrove, NJ. The gas fired package includes a new furnace and air conditioner system, but the client, Ms. Prellwitz was also in need of a new water heater so, we sent out a technician to their home and made an estimate for Ms. Prellwitz to review. Once she agreed to the price we sent out an A.M. Botte installation team to her home and got every old piece of equipment removed. Then installed each new piece of heating and cooling that is included in the gas fired package. When everything was installed Ms. Prellwitz was ecstatic that she could finally properly heat and cool the entirety of her home! 

Description of Gas Fired Package Installation In Pittsgrove, NJ:

  • This home had a non-functioning package air conditioner and a very noisy furnace with an electric water heater
  • We removed the furnace and electric water heater
  • We then installed a new package heater & air conditioner with a high efficiency tankless water heater
  • Installed Gas-Fired Package Unit with Tankless Water Heater
  • Customer now has two new, high efficiency pieces of equipment and gained storage in two closets by removing the old furnace and water heater

Photos of This Job: 

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