How to Get Your AC Ready for Fall

Now that summer is beginning to wrap up, it’s time to start thinking about how you can get your air conditioning unit ready for a fall of lowered activity. For most of us, our air conditioning gets a ton of use during the summertime but can fall into disrepair when we all but forget about it during the colder months.


Take our tips to prepare your AC unit for the fall to help ensure that everything will be running smoothly when it’s time to turn it on again next summer.


  • Finish any outstanding repairs. Obviously, the best way to ensure that your AC unit will be ready to go next summer is to make sure that it’s working right now. If you’ve been putting off any repairs, it’s time to call us at A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC. for AC service in Camden County before packing up your unit for the season. Even if you think that it’s in good working order, it’s best to give the unit one last test run to make sure that blades and other parts are doing their jobs. If you notice any unusual noises or leakage, contact our trusted company today.


  • Clean it out. Cleaning out your AC unit can help make sure that seasonal issues don’t get time to become worse and harm your unit over the fall and winter seasons. Break out your hose, and rinse off any pollen, bugs, dirt and mold that may have accumulated during the summer.


  • Wrap only the pipe. To withstand the cold of the winter season, make sure to get a foam cover for your AC unit’s exposed piping. This will prevent freezing when the temperature starts to drop. Resist the urge to cover your unit, as this causes moisture to be trapped inside the machine, which can lead to damage.


If you wish to learn more about your air conditioner or are interested in receiving top-notch AC service in Gloucester County, contact our experts at A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC. today for information!