High-Efficiency Ductless System Installation Marlton, NJ

High-Efficiency Ductless System Installation Marlton, NJ

A.M. Botte recently did an installation of a Mitsubishi mini split ductless system for a new client in Marlton, NJ. The client Wrote this review on the install of the ductless system.

“I never take the time to write reviews, but the expertise and professionalism of the AM Botte team are unparalleled, and I felt compelled to share our experience. My wife and I were interested in the Mitsubishi line of in-ceiling mini splits, and I came across AM Botte while researching our local installers. Dustin came out a couple days later and after a pleasant discussion over a cup of coffee about the options available to us, we decided to go all in on 5 in ceiling units for each of the bedrooms and office in the upstairs of our home.

Due to the size of the project Dustin came back out with Eric the next day and they planned out every run for cable, line set, and drain lines as well as rough positioning for the in-ceiling units, and branch box in the attic.

Install started the next Tuesday, only 4 days after the original meet with Dustin. To kick start the project and to try to get ahead of rain forecast for later in the week, they sent 5 guys out (Mike, Sam, John, John, and Kyle) on the first day to knock out all the exterior work. Sam and Mike were with us for the rest of the week, and they were able to get everything else 100% complete by Friday afternoon, even with me constantly poking my head up into the attic see how it’s going and ask questions about the hardware.

The final product was a super clean install with virtually no mess, minimal visible line set, and cable runs and overall, a very impressive piece of technology which I spent ample time geeking out over with several members of the team throughout the week. Not to mention, we’re finally satisfied with the temperature in our home!!!

I can’t recommend AM Botte enough. There’s a reason why they are so highly reviewed. It was a pleasure working with you guys!”

Highlights from Install of High-Efficiency Ductless System

• Added 5 zones of cooling for the 2nd floor with high-efficiency ductless systems
• Used one-way ceiling cassettes so no wall mounted units needed to be used
• Flawless, dustless execution while home owners worked from home

Company Name of Customer: Aaron Yu

Address of Service: Marlton, NJ

Description of Work Done: Mitsubishi One-Way Ceiling Cassettes

Photos of This Project

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