Maximize Your Boiler’s Efficiency with Proper Maintenance

When you go to a frozen yogurt shop, you want to top your dessert with a variety of tasty options including whipped cream, cherries, chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, fruit and any type of candy you can imagine. In school, you take a number of classes covering different topics that can result in you being well-rounded when you graduate. You buy a car and want to find one with the best options that will make your driving experience better than what you are used to.

The point is that you should be trying to get the most out of life whether you’re buying frozen yogurt, going to school or buying a car. At A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC., we want to make sure that you get the most out of your boiler. We provide proper maintenance that maximizes the efficiency of your boiler and gives you benefits such as improved safety, reduced operating and energy costs and an extended life.

As a leading provider of quality HVAC services in Pennsauken Township and the surrounding areas, our technicians strive to offer you transparent work and educate you on your heating and cooling systems. Here’s how your boiler can reach maximum efficiency with regular maintenance.


Buildup of soot and scale will reduce your boiler’s efficiency and could lead to system failure. This residue can coat the heat transfer surfaces and tubes of your boiler, causing interference with combustion and water treatment.

Replacing Worn Parts

By conducting a thorough inspection of your boiler, we can determine if certain parts need to be replaced. Parts such as pressure gauges, burners and thermostats can be replaced to make your boiler last for years to come. We also recommend insulating pipes, valves and fittings to reduce heat loss.


Over time, total dissolved solids cause scale, making it imperative to keep the solids in your boiler below a certain limit. With a blowdown, the water from your boiler is drained to remove some of those dissolved solids down and remedy this issue. Having this service done on a consistent basis can help efficiency.

In addition to those three practices, we also recommend that you have your thermostat programmed correctly, check for leaks and clear your vents.

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