Clog and Backup Services

At A.M. Botte, we’re ready to respond to your plumbing needs…we are your professional and established team to call for South Jersey clog and backup services. If you are seeing backups in your home or place of business, be it with toilets, sinks, showers or sewage…don’t wait. We will send a licensed professional plumber with the right tools to fix the problem, and help keep your property clean and safe.

We address and repair multiple clog and backup problems for South Jersey property owners, including:

Clogged Toilets
A clogged toilet is no fun to deal with, and it needs to be taken care of before it becomes a bigger issue and/or health hazard. We bring the right tools to your home or place of business to dislodge the clog through plunging, snaking or other methods, and we can fully replace the toilet if needed.

Clogged Sinks
If a sink is clogged, it won’t be long before it can’t be used…and it will also result in overflows, along with potential water damage to floors, carpets and cabinets. Let us help dislodge the clog with our specialized tools, and keep your kitchen or bathroom safe from water spillage.

Clogged Showers and Bathtubs
A shower or bathtub drain can become clogged with hair, soap and other debris, making it difficult and messy to use. We can clear out the clog using plunging or snaking tools, and clear the drain for easy usage again.

Sewage Backups
If a sewage line near your property gets backed up, it can result in backflows, home damage and a health hazard. We can diagnose the source of the problem, find the location of the backup, and clear the blockage to restore the flow.

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Anytime you have a plumbing backup on your property, don’t wait to fix the problem. Leave it to the professionals at A.M. Botte…we are an established name in home services, and we work to earn that reputation with every service call. We’re the answer to your search for South Jersey clog and backup services…contact us today!

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