Sinks, Faucets, Toilets and More

We at A.M. Botte perform repairs and replacement for sinks, faucets, toilets and more in South Jersey, for residential and commercial property owners throughout the region. A.M. Botte is your trusted name in home services, including our new plumbing services in South Jersey! We have been serving South Jersey property owners for 20 years with first class HVAC services, and we’ve expanded to include plumbing repair and replacement services too.

We have the knowledge, tools, and background to repair or replace multiple plumbing fixtures in your home or place of business, including:

If you have a damaged or aging sink, we can fix or replace it for you. We will inspect the sink for damage, see if it is seeing excessive wear and tear, and evaluate the cost or repairs vs. replacement. We’ll let you know what you need, and if you need a new sink, we’ll install a top quality fixture for you.

Faucets wear down and leak over time, and sometimes they simply aren’t installed properly. We can fix leaks in your faucets, ensure that the connections are done correctly, or install a brand new one with modern features if it’s needed.

Sometimes toilets back up simply because they are clogged, but an older toilet may continue to cause problems until it’s replaced. We can remove clogs, fix leaking lines, and install a brand new toilet if your existing one has outlived its usefulness.

Garbage Disposals
If your garbage disposal is aging, making loud noises, and/or breaking down frequently, it may need replacing. We can install a quality garbage disposal under your sink that will get the job done for many years down the road.

Reach Out To Us For Sinks Faucets Toilets and More in South Jersey!

The A.M. Botte company has been an established name in South Jersey home services for over 20 years, and we work to earn that reputation with every service call. Reach out to us today for repairs or replacement of your toilet, sink, faucet, garbage disposal or other plumbing fixture...we’ll send a licensed plumbing professional to your property to get the job done right!

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