3 Ways Cold Temperatures Can Impact Your Health

From the “bomb cyclone” storm that rocked the Northeast to the freezing temperatures, there’s no doubt that this winter’s weather is making a lasting impression. At A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC., we believe that your home should be a comfortable environment and a refuge from the frigid temperatures.

If you are in need of heater installation in Gloucester County, you might be putting yourself at risk of the following three hazards to your health by living in a cold home!


  • Heart problems. Cold weather acts as a vasoconstrictor, which means that it tightens your blood vessels and causes them to become more and more narrow. If you live with an older adult or someone suffering from heart problems, excessive time spent in a cold home can put them at risk.


  • Poorer sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping in a freezing cold home, you’re certainly not alone. Cold temperatures can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, and many people find sleeping in hats, gloves or socks to be too uncomfortable.


  • Skin problems. Dry winter weather has the potential to rob your skin of moisture, which can leave you with rough skin and chapped lips. Investing in a humidifier and an oil-free moisturizer can are both good ways to help your skin stay hydrated while you wait for a heater replacement in Gloucester County.


If your heater is broken and you’re living in a cold home, don’t risk your health by waiting to get the heating repair that you need! Our team at A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC. offers fast and affordable heating repair and replacement to the New Jersey area.

If you’re in need of some heating help, give our team a call today at 855-259-2280 or browse our website for more information!

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