4 Common Heating Issues You May Have This Holiday Season

Have you noticed that snow is in the air? As the temperature continues to drop here in New Jersey, homeowners are relying more and more on their heating systems to keep them and their families comfortable and warm this holiday.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency not to notice this unsung hero until we need heating repair in our Cherry Hill, NJ home. Four of the most common heating issues that you might see during this holiday season include:

  • A heater that blows cold air. If you find that your heater is blowing out cold air even after an adjustment period, it’s likely that you’re in need of heating repair in Moorestown, NJ. Nothing will ruin a holiday party faster than the need to break out the hats and scarves indoors!
  • A heater that won’t turn off. Heating that won’t turn off can be just as bad as a heating system that blows cold air. If your heating system refuses to turn off, your thermostat is likely broken or incorrectly wired.
  • A heater that only heats certain parts of the home. If you find that your heater is working, but some rooms are still freezing, the problem could be a blocked duct. Don’t heat limited to only a few rooms, have a heating expert come in to inspect your ducts to ensure that the entire home is getting the heat it needs.
  • Controls that don’t do their jobs. Does your heating system seem to have a mind of its own? If your control panel isn’t working, your problem is likely once again in your thermostat. Having one of our experts rewire or recalibrate can usually resolve this issue.

Don’t let a broken heating system ruin your holiday! Get the trusted and professional heating repair that you need by giving our experts at A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC. a call today. We’ll restore the cheer of a warm home to you quickly this holiday season.