A/C & Gas Furnace Installation In Washington Twp, NJ


Recently A.M. Botte was contacted by Mr. Rubis to do an A/C & Gas Furnace Installation In Washington Twp, NJ. We sent out one of our finest technicians to take a look at the house and estimate what the customer will need. Once we got all of the information we needed, we went to work on ordering the correct systems in for Mr. Rubis. As soon as the systems came in we sent them out with our top notch installation associates and were able to get the old broken system out of Mr. Rubis’ home and the brand new systems installed. When everything was said and done Mr. Rubis was ecstatic to have a fully fledged working heating & cooling system in his home. He was so happy to not have to deal with his old broken system that wasn’t properly conditioning his house. Before, he would have nights where he was either too hot or too cold but now, with the new system Mr. Rubis can now heat or cool his home till his heart’s content. 

Highlights of the A/C & Gas Furnace Installation In Washington Twp, NJ

  • Existing equipment was original to the home and antiquated. System was not running when we arrived
  • Two-Stage Split A/C and Variable Speed Gas Furnace Installation
  • New installation was like night and day. A complete renovation of this home’s heating and cooling system was performed
  • Customer took advantage of South Jersey Gas 0% for 84 Months financing

Photos of job

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