Boiler & Water Heater Replacement In Williamstown, NJ

Boiler & Water Heater Replacement In Williamstown, NJ

A.M. Botte recently were contacted and asked about possibly doing a boiler & water heater replacement in Williamstown, NJ. Mr. and Mrs. Lesniewski had been dealing with the issue of their old oil boiler and water heater producing a grotesque smell that would stink up the house when used. The old boiler weighed 1,500 lbs and was an older unit so they Lesniewski’s opted to have the unit be replaced. They contacted A.M. Botte and we were able to get a technician out to their home in order to get an estimate on everything we’d need to complete this job for the customer. Once everything was in order we got right to work on getting the Lesniewski’s a new boiler and wasted no time removing their old stinky oil based boiler. The new gas boiler that was installed is odorless and does its job in a clean efficient way that is saving the Lesiewski’s a lot of money on their bills each month. Needless to say the Lesniewski family were happy with the work A.M. Botte did, and they can now finally have hot water without making their house stink with the smell of burning oils.

Highlights of Boiler & Water Heater Replacement In Williamstown, NJ

  • Oil to Gas Conversion, New 2 zone boiler and water heater
  • Old boiler took up more than half of storage room; new boiler and water heater allow for much more basement storage
  • Converted from oil to natural gas
  • Used crane to remove old 1500lb boiler from basement

Quote from the Lesniewski’s: The smell that the oil boiler would exhaust was really potent. The odorless operation of the new boiler allows us to enjoy our property’s wonderful wooded backdrop without the dreaded smell of the old boiler.

Photos of job

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