Air Conditioning Replacement In Westville, NJ

Full Air Conditioning Replacement In Westville, NJ

A.M. Botte recently did an Air Conditioning Replacement In Westville, NJ. The customer, Mr. Miller had an outdated AC system in his home that didn’t properly condition the air in his home. The old AC system never fully made his home feel the way he wanted, in the winters his home was always a little colder even with the heat going, and in the summers it was never cool enough to beat the heat. In the summer it would also get incredibly humid in Mr. Miller’s home, so it was a no brainer that when he contacted A.M. Botte to get a full air conditioning replacement in Westville, NJ done, he was in need of a  dehumidifier. Once A.M. Botte was contacted by Mr. Miller we sent out a technician to his home, and after taking a look at what needed to be done the technician gave Mr. Miller an estimate. When the price was agreed upon an install team was sent out and removed the old outdated system. Then they were able to install the brand new system after having to do a little duct work. A.M. Botte was respectful of the customers home and cleaned up any leftover mess from the installation, and left Mr. Miller with a satisfied experience!

Description of Air Conditioning Replacement In Westville, NJ:

  • 16SEER AC, 95% Furnace, REME Halo, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Ductwork modifications
  • Ducted dehumidifier allows the ability to remove humid air without running AC
  • REME Halo and F100 Honeywell media cabinet provide high level indoor air quality
  • Duct modifications allowed for better airflow to rear section of home

The cleanliness of the installation well exceeded all my expectations.

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