Furnace & AC Replacement In Pitman, NJ

Furnace & AC Replacement In Pitman, NJ

A.M. Botte did a furnace & AC replacement in Pitman, NJ. The customer, Mr. Adam Robinson was fed up with his current system and contacted us. Mr. Robinson’s old system was electric and was running up his electricity bill each month to the point where he couldn’t take paying that much anymore. So, Mr. Robinson went on a search for companies that could do a replacement on his heating and cooling system for his home. After contacting other “professionals” and not liking what they had to offer, he got in contact with the professionals at A.M. Botte! We drew up an estimate that Mr. Robinson couldn’t refuse and after a quick decision making process Mr. Robinson decided to go with us at A.M. Botte, we were then able to send out an installation team to remove Mr. Robinson’s old system that was costing him a fortune to run and replaced it with a gas powered heating & cooling system. Mr. Robinson was so happy with the work A.M. Botte did with the furnace & AC replacement in Pitman, NJ. He can now rest easy knowing he is saving a ton of money each month now that he isn’t racking up his electricity bill trying to heat his home!

Description of Furnace & AC Replacement In Pitman, NJ

  • 16SEER 2ton AC, 96% 60k furnace, converted 2nd floor from electric to gas, ductwork modifications for better return air in master bedroom
  • Added return grille in master bedroom for better dehumidification and air quality
  • Converted old AC air handler with electric heat to gas fired furnace

“Switching from electric to gas saved me a ton on my electric bill. It’s all thanks to the professionals at A.M. Botte!”

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