Duel Fuel Gas & Heat Pump Combo System Installation

Duel Fuel Gas & Heat Pump Combo System Installation

A.M. Botte recently installed a high-efficiency, “duel fuel” heat pump/gas furnace hybrid system for a customer who has solar panels. This Customer had the original system in their home from when the home was built, which was very inefficient by today’s standards. Also, this customer had recently had solar added to their home to save on energy costs. We proposed and installed what is called a Dual Fuel system. This is system allows the customer to take advantage of their solar energy generation by heating their home the majority of the year with a high efficiency heat pump – essentially giving them heat at no cost to them. When it is very cold out, the system automatically switches over to their new high efficiency gas furnace, further solidifying their energy savings. This customer will now be able to heat and cool their home for a fraction of the cost prior to installation.

If your home has solar panels, a “duel fuel” heating system might be the right fit for you. 

“Great job. Super clean”
– Ryan Hicken, Homeowner

Before duel fuel system installation

After duel fuel system installation