Mini-Split System Installation in Berlin, NJ

Mini-Split System Installation in Berlin, NJ

A.M. Botte recently installed a mini-split system in Berlin, NJ for the Millers. The customer has large master bedroom that was previously impossible to keep cool. A 1-1 mini-split was installed to combat the high ceiling and inadequately sized duct from the main system.

Mini-split systems can help in areas with high ceilings by providing more efficient and effective cooling and heating. Traditional central air conditioning systems can have difficulty cooling and heating rooms with high ceilings, as the cool air tends to rise to the top of the room and not circulate evenly. Mini-split systems, on the other hand, have individual units that are installed in each room, which allows the cool air to be distributed more evenly.

In addition, mini-split systems are more energy-efficient than traditional central air conditioning systems. This is because they do not require ductwork, which can lose a lot of heat. Mini-split systems also have variable-speed compressors, which means that they can adjust their output to match the needs of the room, which further improves their efficiency.

As a result, mini-split systems can help to save money on energy costs and provide more comfortable and efficient cooling and heating in areas with high ceilings.

“Covered everything top to bottom. The installation went flawlessly, the AC unit is perfect. I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone looking to replace or add an additional unit. Professionalism to a tee, you couldn’t tell they were here, drop cloths, hung plastic over my TV. Great Company, from the request for information to the install, fast response, quick to schedule, fast installation. I could not be happier!”
– Eric Miller, Homeowner

Photos of Mini-Split System Installation in Berlin, NJ