Heating & Cooling Ductwork Improvements In Silver Lake, NJ

Heating & Cooling Ductwork Improvements In Silver Lake, NJ

A.M. Botte was sent out to do some heating & cooling ductwork improvements in Silver Lake, NJ. The client, Mrs. Braswell was having issues with her current systems in her home, she contacted A.M. Botte in hopes to fix the issue. We sent out a technician to her home to take a look at her system, we had found that the old system needed to be replaced, and after figuring out a price we sent out an install team. Our install team took out the old inefficient system and installed the new American Standard split A/C Gas Furnace, we also did some ductwork around the home for improvements to the conditioning in the home. The ductwork improvements allows for better airflow and easier heating or cooling, it also puts less of a strain on the system so it will need less repairs over time!

Highlights of Heating & Cooling Ductwork Improvements In Silver Lake, NJ

  • High Efficiency American Standard Split A/C Gas Furnace and Duct Work Improvements
  • Customer had an aging and inefficient split air conditioner with gas furnace that had been breaking down and began to add up on repairs costs.
  • We removed the old, outdated equipment and replaced with an American Standard 16 SEER air conditioner with a variable speed 96% efficient furnace
  • We also made various duct work improvements and added an electronic air cleaner to correct air flow and indoor air quality issues
  • Along with the other improvements this customer has made at their property, their brand new HVAC system from A.M. Botte is one of the main pillars of investment into their forever home.

Quote from Customer:
“Over the past two days Eric and his crew Sam and Chris removed our old HVAC and installed our new American Standard HVAC unit as well as duct work.   They were an extremely professional crew, clean work, respectful and took the extra effort to make everything perfect.
Eric explained everything in layman’s terms we could understand even took pictures to show us the complete job in our crawl space.  Eric was outstanding in every way. This Friday early evening Eric even stayed late to go through every photo he took and to answer our questions and explain preventive maintenance we could do as homeowners.  He cared so much and was so dedicated you would have thought it was his company!  Can’t say enough about our great experience with the install.

We had researched different HVAC brands thoroughly then decided on American Standard.  Every thing we read stated good installers are as important as the unit you choose.  I assure you, we did not go wrong!!!

Our sales representative, Dustin was extremely patient with us while we researched as we kept coming back with more questions.  Dustin was the most knowledgeable representative and very non-pressure.  He was the best of all the different company reps we interviewed, we trusted him. He even brought the GM, Joe, out to check out our house needs. The culture in this company is extraordinary!!! We very, very much recommend A.M. Botte if you are having a new HVAC installed.”
-Judy & Ken Braswell

Photos of job: 

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