Steam Boiler System Install In Burlington, NJ

Steam Boiler System Install In Burlington, NJ

A.M. Botte recently was contacted about doing a job for a new client, this new client was in need of a new boiler system in their home. Their old unit was a busted broken down oil based boiler that didn’t function properly and constantly was breaking down. The client new it was time for an upgrade and opted for a new installation rather than getting the old system fixed. After making initial contact and inquiring about getting this installation done A.M. Botte wasted no time and got right to work with setting up a steam boiler system install in Burlington, NJ. A.M. Botte sent out one of the best technicians to gather information and mark up an estimate for the new client. After that was done the right system was ordered for this job to be completed, a few days later an A.M. Botte installation team was able to get out to the clients home and complete the steam boiler system install in Burlington, NJ! The client was thrilled to finally have a working brand new boiler system, and is now enjoying heated air all throughout their home! The new steam boiler is great because unlike the old system this new boiler system helps the environment by cutting back on oil usage and only using water to make the house heated in the cold winter.

Description of Installation:

  • Old Oil Based System Removed
  • New 500 MBH Steam Boiler System Installed

Highlights of the Steam Boiler System Install In Burlington, NJ

  • Demoed antiquated steam boiler system that was not functioning properly for many years
  • Furnish & installed brand new steam boiler for larger residential home in upper class neighborhood
  • Turnkey installation with quick turnaround as this was a no heat call during a cold snap

Photos of job:

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